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Greek Letters to be worn only by Youth Dancers

The United Square Dancers of America have adopted these Greek letters to represent Youth Square Dancers of America. We are accustomed to the double square, the square and circle, the frog, music notes, etc. We accept those symbols as an ordinary part of our activity. So now is the time to introduce a new symbol – one to identify our youth dancers and give them a “new image.”


A significant component of the USDA Youth Program is the establishment of the USDA Founders Memorial Youth Fund. The Fund will provide the needed resources to realize the full potential of our youth program. Over the past 10 to 15 years we have watched the continuing decline of square dancing. The loss of youth participation is a major contributing factor. By actively educating and seeking youth participation, we will be educating and recruiting parents as well.

Square dancing is a vital part of America's history and tradition. Square dancing's roots in America go back to early settlers. Yet, how many of today's youth, or even adults, know of that history. America's youth should be taught that square dancing is more than a dance, it is a state of mind. Let them see how square dancing represents our country's warmth and unity by being a form of dance were almost every movement starts by extending your hand to another. They should see that square dancing is an on-going celebration of our country's roots.

Three goals have been developed to utilize the USDA Founders Memorial Youth Fund to its full potential.

(1) Teach youth about square dancing, its history and traditions.

(A) Make educational and promotional materials available to youth.

(B) Make up-to-date instructional material on Modern Square Dancing available to educators.

(2) Increase the number of youth participating in square dancing.

(A) Develop and distribute promotional and educational materials that present a positive, upbeat view of youth participating in square dancing.

(B) Encourage the adult square dance community to seek youth participation in square dancing.

(3) Establish a scholarship fund to assist and encourage youth square dancers to continue their education.

To make a contribution or for additional information concerning the USDA Youth Program or Founders Memorial Youth Fund, contact USDA Youth Advisory Committee Chair,


For more information on USDA Youth Programs please contact our Youth Advisor:


Dan Reedy
P.O. Box 736
Van Buren, Arkansas 72957-0736
(Dan) 479.312.7408, (Donna) 757.630.7266




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