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Discount Prescription, Vision, & Hearing Program

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Discount Prescription Program
Vision Program
Hearing Program

USDA Free Enhanced Benefits Card is a prescription discount card that also offers savings on Hearing & Vision.







Member ID: EB22USDA1


Help Desk:

Customer Service:

Present This card to any participating pharmacy

At the time of service, you are responsible for payment of your
prescription.  Accepted at most pharmacies nationwide.

This card may not be used in combination with  Medicare,
Medicaid, or third party payer programs.


Link To Printing Cards, Finding A Pharmacy Near You,
Checking The Price Of Your Meds, FAQ's, & Other Info.

Click Here

If you already have health coverage that includes prescriptions, you can use this card to save money when your plan does not cover a particular medication. This card will be a welcome help to the people that need them.

Timing is just as important in Discount Prescription Cards as it is in square dancing. Get the FREE USDA Pharmacy Discount cards out to everyone who needs them right away. The government offers senior citizens a discount card very similar to this program. The big difference is it has some drugs omitted and it costs $25 to $35 per year! Why would people pay $25 or $35 when they can get a better card from the USDA for FREE? Because if people do not know about the USDA card, they will gladly buy the government discount card because it represents a great value. All you have to do is get your card to them first!

USDA will receive royalties for each prescription filled.

Less than 200 prescriptions per month

 $1.25 Per prescriptions

200 or more, but less than 500 prescriptions per month

 $1.35 Per prescriptions

500 or more prescriptions per month

 $1.50 Per prescriptions

Thanks for your Support

We want to hear your success stories about using your USDA Enhanced Benefits Card.
Please let us know how you like using the Card, and most of all did you save any money.

Send to E-Mail:

We want to know if you have had any problems using your USDA Enhanced Benefits Card.
Please send the following information.

1. Name of Pharmacy,
2. Pharmacist Name,
3. Pharmacy Address & Phone number.

We will try our best to resolve your problem quickly.

Send to E-Mail:

For additional information on this program contact :


Dale & Kathy Worthington
1642 NW Warrenton Drive
Warrenton, Oregon 97146-9678
(H) 503.861.2726, (C) 503.739.1215




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