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USDA - Centennial Award Program

USDA - Centennial Award Program Recipients


As the world's largest square dance association, the Executive Committee of USDA is proud to provide a "Centennial Awards" program for this group of dancers.

The qualified recipients will be given a nice framed "Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation" signed by the President of USDA and the Vice President of their Region. They will also receive a "United Square Dancers of America Centennial Award" lapel pin. This award will be presented to them by a member of the Executive Committee at a dance attended by the recipient  when  possible.  Should the recipient be able to attend the USDA Board of Directors meeting the day prior to the National Convention, USDA will pay their Convention Registration.

Finally, our USDA NEWS will honor them in a special "Feature Article" about them. When available we also include pictures of their receiving their awards from  the USDA representative.


We have tried to keep the qualifications for earning the Centennial Award simple. The most difficult part is reaching the age of 100. That is the number one criteria on the list of qualifications. Once you have met the age requirement you are well on your way.

Requirement number two is that you are still active in the square dance community. This does not require that you still dance, but you must still attend dances on a regular basis and be involved in the club in some way. This may be sitting at the front table and welcoming dancers  as  they come in.

Requirement number three is that you must have a minimum of five years membership in your club.

Once you have qualified for the Centennial Award, you must notify USDA by completing the Qualification Form and send to:


Ed & Lynda Willis
P.O. Box 7524
Wilmington, North Carolina 28406-7524
(H) 910.616.3639; (C) 910.616.3639




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