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USDA - USA Traveler Program


To promote visitation between dancers in all 50 states. To encourage visitations of square dancers to regular club dances, festivals and state or national square dance conventions across state lines and around the United States.


To attend a club dance, a state or national convention, or a local festival in all 50 states.


A badge and a bar will be awarded to the participant(s), at no charge to them, after they have visited at least 12 states, and have a form signed and returned to USDA to be verified. Additional different colored bars will be awarded as follows:

12 states – Red bar

24 states – White bar

36 states – Blue bar

48 states – Silver bar

50 states – Gold bar

No duplication of states is permitted. You must visit each of the 50 states.

Badges and bars will be presented at the annual USDA meeting which is held during the annual National Square Dance Convention.

Any participant who visits 48 or 50 states will also be awarded paid admission(s) to the next National Square Dance Convention.

USDA will maintain records of all participants so you may check to see which states you have or have not visited.

Participants traveling as a couple only need to fill out one form, with both names on it.

Dancers that have received the Gold bar for visiting all 50 State may go for the Second time around.  After visiting the next 12 States and sending in form. Dancers will receive a bar SECOND TIME AROUND and the Red bar for 12 states to add to your badge.

All dance dates on the Second Time Around must be after the date you received your 50 State bar.

For more Information contact:

USDA & USA Traveler Programs
Traveler Programs

Jerry & Donna Robey
     May - September
2702 Aldersgate Drive
Rockford, Illinois  61103-9532
     October - April
2353 NW 47th Circle
Ocala, Florida 34482-8784
(H) 815.977.5763 (C):352.284.7912



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