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USDA Dancers Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

During the year, I get all sorts of questions regarding our insurance coverage.  I thought it might be interesting to you (the insurance chairmen and dancers) to share some of these questions with answers.  I will include more questions/answers as I get them.

1) Why should a club and it members participate in the USDA Insurance program.

This insurance program, especially designed for USDA dance groups, provides Accident Medical insurance, which helps protect club members from financial loss due to a covered accidental bodily injury, and Liability insurance, which protects the club and its members and association officials from financial loss due to unforeseen incidents which may develop into litigation against members and dance organizations.

2) What forms are required for initial enrollment?

Yearly federation dues must be paid to USDA, a completed enrollment form and a roster with 100% of club members listed in alphabetic order (must use Club Roster Form), a check made payable to USDA for present enrollment fee times number of members.

3) What forms are required to cover 'Lessons'?

Class roster of name of students enrolled in the class with a beginning and ending date for the class.

 4) What forms are required to cover Group Travel?

Notification of event form has bottom section to be completed and submitted to USDA Insurance Coordinator before travel date begin - a list of names of travelers would be wise although the form does not request this.

 5) What forms are required to cover 'Exhibitions'?

That depends on what the facility requires; if the facility doesn't want a certificate of insurance then the club can submit a notification of event form indicating where the exhibition is taking place; however, the club needs to remember that there is no liability coverage for the club if a certificate of insurance is not issued.

 6) What forms are required for incidents?

The club must complete the club accident report and submit it ASAP to their insurance chairman; the insurance chairman will submit to USDA Insurance Coordinator who will send a claim form to insurance chairman with instructions for the injured dancer.

7) What else is really important to know to stay in compliance and correctly submit for valid claims?

It is important that the club always have 100% of their members enrolled in the insurance program; clubs are very lax about this procedure.  Any time a dancer joins the club after the initial enrollment has been completed a fee must be paid for that member.  If the club does not keep 100% of its members enrolled the club is considered as in non-compliance and could lose their insurance coverage.  If a member of a club is injured and has not paid an enrollment fee then that dancer will not be covered in case of an accident.  All clubs should have a supply of "club accident forms" at their dances and should always complete this form when an incident happens regardless of how small or insignificant the injury or incident may be at that time.  The details are fresh in everyone's mind at that point and might not be several days or even weeks later when what may have seemed nothing important results in a major claim.

8) Why should a club be incorporated?

If someone should sue your non-incorporated Club for liability in excess of your insurance coverage, for breach of contract or for civil damages, you and each member of your club could be held separately and jointly responsible.  What that means is, if the court finds against your club and there isn't enough money in the Club Treasury, then the balance comes out of your pocket.  If you are incorporated as a nonprofit entity, in a judgment against your club, only the club's treasury and the assets of the club may be attached.

 9) Does a club need Liability Insurance if we are incorporated?

It is important for your club to be incorporated, but it even more important to have liability insurance coverage for the Protection of your club treasury and it assets.

10) Question is about students? After they complete lessons, say in July. If they become club members, do they have to pay insurance for the remainder of the year? If they do, is the premium the same as for a whole year or is it prorated.

Students are covered at no charge for up to nine months while they are taking lessons; once lessons are completed and they join the club an enrollment fee must be paid for them at that time for the remainder of the year.  There is no grace period on their coverage so the enrollment should be done immediately to stay in compliance with having the club 100% enrolled.  The fee is the same; it is not prorated.  Needless to say, if the student does not join a club, there is no coverage for him/her.  You must be a member of an enrolled club to have our insurance.

11) What happens to a member's insurance when a club folds?  Since they paid for the year, does their insurance follow them for the rest of the year or is it tied to the club.  If the club folds, does their insurance lapse until they are officially added to another club?  Do they have a certain number of days coverage to join another club?  Do they have to pay again when they join another club. 

See item #3 on Additional Information sheet - the club members have 30 days to join another club which has insurance to keep their insurance coverage active.  This is club insurance so you have to be a member of a club to be insured.  They would not have to pay another insurance fee if they joined an existing club which already has insurance.  If they do not join a club within 30 days their coverage will end.  The new club should complete the additional enrollment form indicating that their new  members were previously insured with a particular club (give name) which folded.

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